Hello! I'm Kyle.

Hello! I'm Kyle.

Creative. Maker. Husband. Watch enthusiast. 


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Well-Being Guide

Cautious or Creative?



I did this, like, last week:

I'm really proud of this:

I've grown through 8 companies in 6 years in 4 cities and 2 states.
There's not a hat I don't wear well. Well, except for fedoras...

I've been everywhere, man.

Full book and resume available upon request

This is Chad. Watch him do a backflip!

(No, that's not his real hair but he's super into wigs so maybe don't say anything about it, ok? Ok thanks.)


Morgan Newberg, Digital Marketing Manager

"Kyle's expertise in digital design with consideration to UX/UI always astounds me. He brings incredible consumer insight

with his position in every company I've worked with him"

Check out what Morgan had to say about me. (Morgan is nice. We like Morgan.)

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